North Country Outdoor Adventure Camp


Join ELC Outdoors for a 5-day exploration of North Country adventure along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail! This program will take participants down the river through whitewater waves, in the trees on a 12-element ropes course, and on the calm water of the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. Participants will gain a host of new skills, enhance their sense of adventure, and have FUN!

Day 1- We will start off the week by soaring through the trees on our 12 element aerial challenge course, complete with two zip lines! The rest of the day will be filled with teambuilding group games and the chance to explore ELC’s wooded campus before enjoying the evening around the campfire. Participants will spend the night in cabin tents overlooking Dixville Notch.

Day 2- In the morning the crew will pack up and head to Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge for an overnight canoe trip on a beautiful and serene section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Participants will learn the basics of canoeing and have the day to explore the lake, play games in the canoes, and set up a backcountry campsite. The group will hang out by a campfire and sleep in tents on an island or the shore of the lake.

Day 3- After a morning of exploring the secluded campground and learning backcountry skills, campers will spend the afternoon playing games and leisurely canoeing across the lake back to the ELC base.

Kayaking School NH ME

Day 4– Is an introduction to whitewater sports! We will paddle whitewater or inflatable kayaks down the class II Errol rapids and learn how to navigate the river safely. The group will practice whitewater rescue strategies and play games and swim in Bragg’s Bay. The day will finish off with a BBQ dinner at the campus while we watch the sunset over Mount Kelsey and Fishbrook Ridge.

Day 5- The grand finale of the week is a day of rafting with ELC’s whitewater guides! The group will fill 6-person boats and ride the class III rapids of the Magalloway River. The day will be full of waves, swimming, splashes, and games! We will return to the base where campers will be picked up or driven back to Berlin.


This trip includes all activities, meals, and accommodations.


Transportation while on the trip is included. Further transportation may be provided – please discuss with ELC representative.

Cost $695.00 per student a 10% donation from proceeds will go to NFCT.

 Please be advised a minimum trip participation of five is needed for departure.